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The Ever-Portable Like Finger

Gotta "like" 3 months of freedom in the horizon!

Ahhhh, sweet summertime has arrived. Why not travel with the like finger? It is soooo easy people! Actually, too easy- once you have it with you, it’s guaranteed you will find reason again and again to use it! (Pretty sure we took 20 pictures at ONE Pirate game).
My suggestion: keep it in the car. This summer, when you are at a picnic, concert, ball game, parade, party, wedding, restaurant, vacation spot, or just your best friend’s backyard you WILL use the like finger! There’s really no place it isn’t relevant! We invite you to email your like finger photos to contact@likefinger.com so that we can share your summertime fun with everyone 
“Like” the life you’re living!

Memorial Day Weekend top 10 Likes!

Memorial Day

Photo provided by Lou R. from www.pghdad.me

This weekend was the unofficial start of summer. So what better way to sum it up with none-other than a top 10 list of LIKES. Here we go!

10. Most of us have the day off on Monday – either with work or school. Either way it’s a Like!
9. Great weather (in PA anyway) – gotta Like that!
8. The Pittsburgh Pirates are one game under .500 and are still in the hunt – Could it be that 20 years later the curse of Sid Bream is broken? I Like the chances!
7. Went out golfing on Saturday and played good – to my standards.
6. Walked in the house on Sunday and saw 3 new fish in the aquarium! I Like surprises!
5. Took the boat out fishing on a lake I rarely visit. Caught some nice fish!
4. Had a great evening at Ruby Tuesdays with wife! I always Like going to Ruby’s with Mandi!
3. Picnics and more picnics. Great food! 2 LikeFingers up!
2. Pirate game on Friday night @Social Media Day. Awesome pictures Dave!
1. I Like the fact that we live in the best country in the world. Thank you service men and women!

Please feel free to reply with your top ten and let’s kick off summer 2012 together with LikeFinger! Coming up soon will be our first contest!

Pictures: LikeFinger Social Media Night at PNC Park

Wow! What a success Social Media Night at PNC Park was on Friday!  We brought a few Like Button Foam Finger‘s with us and the response was an overwhelming LIKE!!!  For those who don’t know, we attended a Pittsburgh Pirates game for a special Social Media Night gathering.  It was an action packed game that included my daughter attending her first ever baseball game (A total LIKE!!!)!  It was awesome to meet some of our Twitter followers including Jack, Jake, Shannon & Tom!  We already can’t wait to do another Social Media meet-up!  Without further adieu here are the pictures from the game:

Like Finger to make Social Media Appearance

Like Finger at Pittsburgh Pirates Social Media Night 2012

The Like Button Foam Finger will be attending the Pittsburgh Pirates Social Media game!

Tonight, the Like Button Foam Finger will be making its first official appearance since our launch! As you may know we are located in Western Pennsylvania, and it just happens that the week of our launch the Pittsburgh Pirates are hosting a Social Media Night game!  With tickets in hand, we expect to have a blast and proudly display our social media wares off with fellow social media (and sports) fans!  Keep an eye open for pictures from our experience in an upcoming post!

The Like Finger…. in the beginning

Well… here you have it folks— a real, in the flesh like button you can hold! I think this is good for the world, ya know? It’s the lighter side of life that makes us happy…Why not showcase some of of your favorite things? Things you like to see, things you like to eat, things you like to shop for, things you LIKE. You get the idea.
In a sort of philosophical way, this is the means by which the world sees the best part of your day/week/month. For example, my hubby and I went to Ruby Tuesday last Saturday night, and I literally had 5 mango teas… they were just that good. I said aloud, “I wish I could “like finger” this.” In a way, I could have shown my best buds on any social media site what my highlight of the day was— 5 glasses of mango tea!

So, today, here you have my “Like” of the day!!!!


Welcome to LikeFinger the Blog

Dave at the Liberty Bell

I really enjoy learning about history. Do you "Like" visiting historical sites?

I wanted to welcome you to our new blog! My name is Dave Pierce and I am one of the co-founders of LikeFinger.com. I wanted to share a little history about the site and why exactly we created these unique products, including the Original Like Button Foam Finger.  The idea came from sitting in my office at work (I am employed by a cyber school) as one of my co-workers “Liked” a project that a student had recently completed.  I saw this and thought “why can’t we just “Like” everything we want in life?”…

Long story short, Tim Shick (other co-owner) and I sat down together at Culpeppers in Indiana, PA (we both attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania together so it was a natural meeting spot) in March of 2012. At this meeting we set forth a goal of creating a fun line of reasonably priced products that people could use to easily “Like” something anywhere they wanted at any time.

The first product we created is the Like Button Foam Finger.  This is perfect for that person who enjoys taking pictures or shooting videos, especially those who enjoy sharing photos or videos online using social media websites. No longer do you have to wait for your friends to “Like” your photos, you can tell your friends that you “Like” them as well! The second product we created is the sticky notepad.  Just like my co-worker, you can easily and quickly stick a LikeFinger note on almost anything imaginable, PLUS it’s customizable as well!  The third product we came up with, is our very sheik and cool looking Like Button t-shirt!  We really hope you guys enjoy these products and have fun with them!  Let us know if you have any ideas or creative suggestions.  Thanks again!