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LARGER Than Life

T-REX Flip Flop!

 LARGER Than Life

So—– have you ever seen something that is just too big to be true?  I love it when the newspaper has a shot of the largest pumpkin in Pennsylvania, or when Guinness Book has a new record for the biggest pizza pie!  Making some things larger just isn’t a good idea (think spiders, paper cuts, & electric bills)… but when something is already awesome in its original form, it becomes even more impressive when multiplied in size!!! During our summer travels, we came across some larger than life objects… namely, one HUGE sandal, an over-sized Adirondack chair (big enough for 6 people), and a massive cheeseburger challenge… which proved to be just too large for my hubby.

We LIKED some of the “large and in charge” things we saw, and we want you to do the same!  Use your likefinger, and share your photo with us at contact@likefinger.com so that we can show everyone you are LIVIN’ LARGE and LIKING it!!!!

The LikeFinger Takes a Tour of Pittsburgh

Thanks to our friends at Ya Jagoff!, our Like Button Foam Finger was able to take a first class tour of the city of Pittsburgh recently! This really cool video shows the LikeFinger making stops at various places in Pittsburgh like Primanti Brothers, Carnegie Museum, PNC Park, Monongahela Incline, and so many other neat areas around the city!  It’s such a great representation of some of the things you could do with your own Like Button Foam Finger!  Get one today and start LIKE-ing your own pictures… and VIDEOS!!!  Please be sure to check out the video and follow YaJagoff on Twitter as well!

Enter Our Home Run Derby Contest

Andrew McCutchen 2012 All-StarTonight is the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby! Kind of thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway contest attached to this cool event!  Since we are based in Pennsylvania, we are offering everyone a chance to guess how many home runs Pittsburgh Pirates centerfielder, Andrew McCutchen hits tonight.  Note: Your total includes rounds 1, 2 and finals all combined!  If multiple people pick the correct number of home runs, we will pull a name from a hat!  The winner will receive a LikeFinger Like Button Foam Finger and 2 Like Button Sticky Notepads!  To enter, simply leave a comment below (must use email) with the total number of HR’s you think he will have tonight, and have your entrance in before 8pm EST (nothing counts after).  Simple as that!!! Good luck you everyone, especially Andrew McCutchen!