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Do you LIKE Groundhog Day?

Do you LIKE Groundhog Day?Groundhog Day is February 2nd. That date is also co-founder Dave’s birthday. Happy birthday Dave you old geezer (actually, I’m older than he is by a few months). Thousands and thousands of people will gather at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to hear from a rodent whether or not there will be 6 more weeks of winter, or, if Spring is right around the corner. And yes, I HAVE BEEN THERE! Back in 1998 I visited this place. After all, it’s only 30 minutes from where I lived. It is remarkable to see and speak to people from all over the world gathered in this small town, about 1.5 hrs northeast of Pittsburgh, just to spend 10 or more hours outside in 0 degree weather to see a groundhog make his prediction based on German folklore. It’s crazy! But I LIKED it then and, well, kinda like it now. I still pay attention to it. But it was cooler back then because we didn’t have school that day. Or, if we did, we didn’t go. News trucks from around the country line-up to catch a glimpse of the “Inner Circle” and “Punxy Phil.” But, hey, what else is there to do in the middle of winter? Be sure to look for some LIKEFINGER‘s on television. They will be there! What do you think Phil’s prediction will be? Do you LIKE Spring, or do you LIKE Winter?

What Kinds of Wings do You LIKE?

LIKE Button WingsI’m on a mission to find the best wings in the country. Wings are my favorite food (well, second favorite behind Maryland Blue Crabs, but I already know where to find those). So many places in so many cities serve wings, and I want you to tell me which places you LIKE the most. College towns, for example, are notorious for having great wing restaurants. I’ve had wings in many places, and here is my list of favorites:
1. Quaker Steak & Lube – PNC Park – Louisiana Lickers
2. Fox’s Pizza Den – DuBois, PA – Mild
3. Buffalo Wild Wings – Spicy Garlic
4. The Stadium – Hagerstown Maryland – Ranch
5. SunDogs – Outerbanks, NC – Hot
Also note that my co-founder, Dave, isn’t nearly as big a fan of wings as I am, but his favorite place for wings is Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Monroeville, PA – a sweet grilled onion flavor.
If you LIKE wings, send me some places I can put on my list to try out someday. I’ll tweet you back once I give a review.

The LikeFinger is Going Viral on YouTube

Wow, that’s the best way to describe the recent activity we have seen on YouTube!  It seems everyone wants The Original Like Button Foam Finger, aka the LikeFinger!  At my last count their were at least a half-dozen YouTube videos featuring the LikeFinger, probably even more we don’t even know about (We will definitely highlight more of them)!  One of the coolest ones was created by the website YaJagoff.com and features the LikeFinger taking a tour of the city of Pittsburgh.  It’s very creative and well done.  To say the least, yinz will definitely LIKE this video, I personally LIKE it a lot!!

Do You LIKE Winter?

The Original Like Button Foam Hand in the snowIt’s winter for another 74 days (In the Northern Hemisphere anyway). I do LIKE winter, as well as the other seasons, but it is my least favorite for several reasons. Maybe you will agree or disagree with me. I LIKE winter for the first month, but then after that I can’t wait until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.  I’m a huge baseball fan, for one, and I get sick of snowblowing after the first half dozen times.

Snowblowing is fun, but whenever you can’t get your new snowblower to start it makes it more of a hassle. I bought a new snowblower last year and it worked great. In fact, I only used it twice all of last winter because we didn’t get much snow. Then, it snowed 8 inches in one day a couple weeks ago and the thing wouldn’t start. I tried everything for 2 hours and couldn’t get it going. I got 4 blisters from pulling the start cord about 100 times. The thing wasn’t even a year old! Anyway, it got fixed and runs “okay” now. It still stalls now and again. Snowblowers are a great piece of equipment to have. I definitely LIKE them, but only when they work. Once the Holidays are over and the snow has been around for a month, I get spring fever.

I LIKE spring for many reasons (baseball season begins, opening day for fishing starts, the weather is nice, you can take walks and geocache, no more driving on snow and ice and the days are longer)! Being in Pennsylvania I get to enjoy all of the seasons. I couldn’t live in the south where it’s nice all year round. Plus, I can’t stand it when it gets to be 90 degrees every day. What do you LIKE about winter? Is it your favorite season? Maybe I should try ice fishing, but I’d rather enjoy a nice spring day out on the water.