Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Valentine’s Day Plan

Like This!!It’s Valentine’s Day!  You could go out and spend $60 on a nice dinner then $30 more at the movies plus popcorn, and soda… Now if you are a new couple, this is probably the best avenue to go, show your more frugal side down the road and call it creativity (works like a charm)!  I will call that option, option A… Option B (my plan for today) is going to cost $18.  Let’s see $18 vs $90… Who doesn’t LIKE the sound of this one?  Make dinner at home!  I purchased two 4oz. lobster tails for $4.99 each at the local grocery store plus a nice slab of tender sirloin steak for at just $7.99/lb (came out to just under $9), and cut it in half for two 8oz portions.  Tonight, Mr. Romantic is going to boil the lobster tails, serve them with butter and cook on the grill the steak (yes, despite the snowy conditions outside here in Pittsburgh), I will add a potato packet (onions, potatoes and some seasoning–items we had at the house already), and some frozen green beans and the beverages of our choice, and voila… Dinner is Served! To follow, and this is my helpful tip of the day, we are going to watch the movie Flight staring Denzel Washington for free, yes FREE!  Here’s how I scored the free rental. Today only, if you use the code SWEET at any Red Box movie rental kiosk you can get a movie rental for absolutely nothing (not even tax)!  I will just add some microwave popcorn and some Valentine’s Day candy to the soiree.  This V-Day plan of action is a definite LIKE!

What Television Shows Do You LIKE?

With winter not even halfway through, I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone watches on TV. Let’s face it, there isn’t a lot to do during January and February. That’s why all the major networks put on their new shows with new seasons. I have several that I watch regularly. In no particular order, here is my list of the shows that I LIKE: WWE Raw and Smackdown, The Apprentice, Survivor, House, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, The Middle, The Office, Sports Center and Shark Tank. After that list, there are a few others that I will watch from time to time like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or any fishing show. I know a lot of people watch Storage Wars (Dave‘s favorite), Amish Mafia, American Pickers and Hardcore Pawn. If nothing else is on I’ll watch those. Then, of course, there are the old school show re-runs. So if Fresh Prince is on, I’ll switch to it if nothing else is on. I wouldn’t say I watch a ton of TV, but during the winter I definitely watch more than usual. Some of the ones I named above I have been watching for years. Who is Ted going to marry anyway on How I met your Mother? What TV shows do you LIKE?