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Celebrate 2014 With A Like Button Foam Finger!

Photo Credit: Rachel AnneHappy 2014, everyone!  Are you ready to ring in the new year with your very own Like Button Foam Finger?!?!  If not, get yinz butts over to our site: LikeFinger.com and purchase one for under 9 bucks!  PLUS if yinz use the code SNOW during the month of January, we will throw in FREE SHIPPING on all orders! So stock up on those LikeFingers, T-shirts, and notepads today!  Out with old (2013 and ‘What Does The Fox Say’) and in with the new (2014 and Like Button Foam Hands)! P.S. One month until Groundhog day n’at!!!

What Do YOU LIKE to Buy???

We all know that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy us a few things we LIKE… for instance, I recently just purchased my first bike in—- oh, probably 18 years. Talk about a return to childhood! I LIKE the new bike! It was money well spent.

There are those other purchases that are small and simple but really do tend to make me smile. Take for instance the office supply aisle at any big box store. If I get my hands on stationary, thank you cards, pretty paper clips, etc… I am like a kid in a candy store! And then the other “once in a while splurges”- a $3 cup of coffee, a jar candle, some new lipstick- that make my day :)

So, what recent purchases do you really LIKE? They can be big or small! Share with us on our LikeFinger Facebook page or email us with a photo at contact@likefinger.com! We’d love to see what you LIKE to spend your hard earned cash on!

LARGER Than Life

T-REX Flip Flop!

 LARGER Than Life

So—– have you ever seen something that is just too big to be true?  I love it when the newspaper has a shot of the largest pumpkin in Pennsylvania, or when Guinness Book has a new record for the biggest pizza pie!  Making some things larger just isn’t a good idea (think spiders, paper cuts, & electric bills)… but when something is already awesome in its original form, it becomes even more impressive when multiplied in size!!! During our summer travels, we came across some larger than life objects… namely, one HUGE sandal, an over-sized Adirondack chair (big enough for 6 people), and a massive cheeseburger challenge… which proved to be just too large for my hubby.

We LIKED some of the “large and in charge” things we saw, and we want you to do the same!  Use your likefinger, and share your photo with us at contact@likefinger.com so that we can show everyone you are LIVIN’ LARGE and LIKING it!!!!


Uno LIKES morning walks!

What’s not to LIKE about the LIKEFINGER??? I am going to very purposefully post my top 7 LIKES of this week on our Facebook page to show the world the capabilities of this happy, one-of-a-kind, creative, inspiring product.

~Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it! –Anon.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.
The challenge stands for the rest of you LIKEFINGER fans out there… accomplish the mission of 7 LIKES in a week on your social media site of choice! Let’s LIKE the week together!

Mellow Yellow

What's Your Yellow?

Send us your Yellow LIKE photos!

Hey Like Finger fans!  Did you know the color of June is known as Aspen Gold? (According to the book, Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt)
More commonly known as YELLOW, it sure makes sense.  It’s the sunny days of June that bring us outdoors for the summertime.
Aspen Gold really has the ability to uplift spirits and create positivity.

Hmmm…Very interesting since the Like Finger has the tendency to do the same!!! We invite all of you who have purchased a Like Finger to “like” your favorite something yellow…. It can be anything.  We will post it here on our blog/website if you simply email your Like finger photo with a caption to contact@likefinger.com.
“Like” to all things yellow!!!

The Ever-Portable Like Finger

Gotta "like" 3 months of freedom in the horizon!

Ahhhh, sweet summertime has arrived. Why not travel with the like finger? It is soooo easy people! Actually, too easy- once you have it with you, it’s guaranteed you will find reason again and again to use it! (Pretty sure we took 20 pictures at ONE Pirate game).
My suggestion: keep it in the car. This summer, when you are at a picnic, concert, ball game, parade, party, wedding, restaurant, vacation spot, or just your best friend’s backyard you WILL use the like finger! There’s really no place it isn’t relevant! We invite you to email your like finger photos to contact@likefinger.com so that we can share your summertime fun with everyone 
“Like” the life you’re living!

The Like Finger…. in the beginning

Well… here you have it folks— a real, in the flesh like button you can hold! I think this is good for the world, ya know? It’s the lighter side of life that makes us happy…Why not showcase some of of your favorite things? Things you like to see, things you like to eat, things you like to shop for, things you LIKE. You get the idea.
In a sort of philosophical way, this is the means by which the world sees the best part of your day/week/month. For example, my hubby and I went to Ruby Tuesday last Saturday night, and I literally had 5 mango teas… they were just that good. I said aloud, “I wish I could “like finger” this.” In a way, I could have shown my best buds on any social media site what my highlight of the day was— 5 glasses of mango tea!

So, today, here you have my “Like” of the day!!!!