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Mayans: Game Over

Mayan End of the WorldDecember 21st, 2012… You know, the date the world ends.  Since the world is going to end, we figured there is no need for any extra LikeFinger inventory, might as well sell as much now, buy some margaritas and enjoy this last week on planet earth.  Soooo, from now through December 21st, anyone that uses the code MAYANS when checking out will receive FREE SHIPPING!  We ship fast (same day in most instances) but if you wait to buy your LikeFinger until December 20th, wellllll don’t claim you didn’t know the world was going to end before your awesome Like Button Foam Finger arrived.

One last note, if the world does end on December 21st… What time zone will it end?  Will it be when it turns the 21st in Tokyo,  Cairo, Paris, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas?  Should I bother to set my TiVo?

LikeFinger Meets Its Roots

Today, Tim (co-creator of the LikeFinger) and I rehashed our college glory years around the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP for the local nomads) campus. We went to HB Culpeppers and took full advantage of $5 draft pitchers, Steelers football and $5 Pittsburgh-style sandwiches.  After “lunch” (is it really fair to call it lunch when it last 3 hours) we took photos along downtown Indiana, PA (Philadelphia Street to be exact) followed by a brief 4 hour stop inside of The Coney for food, brews and more fun. As soon as we walked into The Coney, Tim did his magic and talked our waitress into putting up a Like Button Foam Finger in the middle of the bar.  It’s an amazing center-piece (guys have centerpieces in bars) if I might say so myself!  To sum up our day, we did a minor bar crawl around IUP, worked on things together for LikeFinger.com, drank ate way too much beer food, and watched Tim complain about how little Mike Wallace and Jimmy Graham were used today (fantasy football).


What I LIKE about the LikeFinger!

On Vacation!The LikeFinger has been around for only a few months and still many of you are finding different and creative things to LIKE in various places across the country, and even the world! Indeed, the LikeFinger vigor is spreading worldwide. It has been used to LIKE favorite vacation spots, historical attractions, weird and unusual things (e.g. 3 pound hamburgers, giant bags of popcorn, even Intercourse, PA), political preferences, Holidays and every kind of sporting event. LikeFinger has even been used to promote many businesses websites and Facebook pages. For example, what’s a great way to showcase your condominiums or townhouses? One customer purchased a LikeFinger for each of her tenants  and had them LIKE something unique about their residence. I never would have thought of this, but it is genius!

I LIKE the creativity a LikeFinger brings. Not only is it durable and easy to use, but the LikeFinger travels just as easily. Whenever I travel I LIKE taking a photos of something fun that I would like to share with my friends and family, I simply get out the LikeFinger, personally LIKE my own photo! I can then instantly upload and share the photo on my smart phone!!

I also like that the LikeFinger tells a story with each photo. We take so many photos of anything and everything each and every week, month, and year. With the LikeFinger, you can remember specific moments and remember “yeah, I do remember that baseball game when I got my picture on the JumboTron with my LikeFinger.” There are so many different things to LIKE in life, why not start LIKE-ing them with the LikeFinger? The Holidays are about to start and there will be many times when my LikeFinger will be used. From Thanksgiving turkey dinners, to College bowl games, to sled riding and snowball fights, to the best Christmas presents, and then of course, New Years! ‘Tis the season to LIKE something and someone! I know that I personally LIKE the fact I have a LikeFinger and I know you will too!

PS. Don’t forget ALL orders come with a free LikeFinger notepad as well! Can you say stocking stuffer?!?!

We LIKE Free Admission to Museum Day Live!

Did you know that Saturday, September 29th is Museum Day Live!? Museum Day Live is an annual event in which over 1,000 participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Live Ticket…for FREE.  So how does one get a FREE ticket? You must enter a little information into a very short form on the Smithsonian’s Museum Day website. Your Ticket will be emailed to you after you submit your information. Make sure to print and bring the ticket with you on the 29th to receive your free admission!  To search for a museum you might like to visit for free, use this participating museum tracker for help!  A personal favorite that is participating is the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA! So, go and enjoy a free day at a local museum with the family and don’t forget to bring your Like Button Foam Finger with you for some amazing pictures!

Free Admission to Museum Day Live

What Do YOU LIKE to Buy???

We all know that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy us a few things we LIKE… for instance, I recently just purchased my first bike in—- oh, probably 18 years. Talk about a return to childhood! I LIKE the new bike! It was money well spent.

There are those other purchases that are small and simple but really do tend to make me smile. Take for instance the office supply aisle at any big box store. If I get my hands on stationary, thank you cards, pretty paper clips, etc… I am like a kid in a candy store! And then the other “once in a while splurges”- a $3 cup of coffee, a jar candle, some new lipstick- that make my day :)

So, what recent purchases do you really LIKE? They can be big or small! Share with us on our LikeFinger Facebook page or email us with a photo at contact@likefinger.com! We’d love to see what you LIKE to spend your hard earned cash on!

I LIKE Intercourse… PA that is!

I had to share this wonderful trip I went on recently to Amish Country (Lancaster, PA).  In one day I made short stops in Intercourse, Bird-In-Hand, and Blue Ball… Don’t laugh… okay, go ahead! hahaha. But seriously, these little towns are real, and are tourist traps to the Nth degree!  From Amish horse-and-buggy rides to Smorgasbord’s as long as a football field, and miles and miles of beautiful Amish farms, it seriously has it all!  If you ever get a chance to visit this area you won’t have any regrets! In short… I LIKE Intercourse… Pennsylvania!

Intercourse, PA and Blue Ball, PA

LARGER Than Life

T-REX Flip Flop!

 LARGER Than Life

So—– have you ever seen something that is just too big to be true?  I love it when the newspaper has a shot of the largest pumpkin in Pennsylvania, or when Guinness Book has a new record for the biggest pizza pie!  Making some things larger just isn’t a good idea (think spiders, paper cuts, & electric bills)… but when something is already awesome in its original form, it becomes even more impressive when multiplied in size!!! During our summer travels, we came across some larger than life objects… namely, one HUGE sandal, an over-sized Adirondack chair (big enough for 6 people), and a massive cheeseburger challenge… which proved to be just too large for my hubby.

We LIKED some of the “large and in charge” things we saw, and we want you to do the same!  Use your likefinger, and share your photo with us at contact@likefinger.com so that we can show everyone you are LIVIN’ LARGE and LIKING it!!!!

The LikeFinger Takes a Tour of Pittsburgh

Thanks to our friends at Ya Jagoff!, our Like Button Foam Finger was able to take a first class tour of the city of Pittsburgh recently! This really cool video shows the LikeFinger making stops at various places in Pittsburgh like Primanti Brothers, Carnegie Museum, PNC Park, Monongahela Incline, and so many other neat areas around the city!  It’s such a great representation of some of the things you could do with your own Like Button Foam Finger!  Get one today and start LIKE-ing your own pictures… and VIDEOS!!!  Please be sure to check out the video and follow YaJagoff on Twitter as well!

Enter Our Home Run Derby Contest

Andrew McCutchen 2012 All-StarTonight is the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby! Kind of thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway contest attached to this cool event!  Since we are based in Pennsylvania, we are offering everyone a chance to guess how many home runs Pittsburgh Pirates centerfielder, Andrew McCutchen hits tonight.  Note: Your total includes rounds 1, 2 and finals all combined!  If multiple people pick the correct number of home runs, we will pull a name from a hat!  The winner will receive a LikeFinger Like Button Foam Finger and 2 Like Button Sticky Notepads!  To enter, simply leave a comment below (must use email) with the total number of HR’s you think he will have tonight, and have your entrance in before 8pm EST (nothing counts after).  Simple as that!!! Good luck you everyone, especially Andrew McCutchen!


Uno LIKES morning walks!

What’s not to LIKE about the LIKEFINGER??? I am going to very purposefully post my top 7 LIKES of this week on our Facebook page to show the world the capabilities of this happy, one-of-a-kind, creative, inspiring product.

~Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it! –Anon.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.
The challenge stands for the rest of you LIKEFINGER fans out there… accomplish the mission of 7 LIKES in a week on your social media site of choice! Let’s LIKE the week together!