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Do You LIKE Christmas Decorating?

I’m driving down the street and happen to look at a house. Through the window it appears people are putting up their Christmas tree. Are you serious?  Wow!  Halloween was only a couple weeks ago!  Some people are fanatics when it comes to decorating (E.G. Clark W. Griswold).  That’s a great movie by the way, which will be my next blog – stay tuned. I definitely like looking at the lights and nativity scenes.  It’s part off the Season.  I actually watched 2 Christmas movies in the past 24 hours (you’ll shoot your eye out and the Grinch).  The lights on a house a couple miles down the road is ridiculous.  I look forward to seeing it every year.  Everyone drives past that house !  At my house, we do the outside lights, but nothing crazy.  It’s fun stringing them up over and under the tree branches.  The hard part is taking them down.  We don’t need any fake deer, because at any given moment there will be a few eating the bushes in our front yard.  So, do you LIKE decorating? If so, and you have your LikeFinger handy, please send us a pic!  Tis the season for Like Finger pics!

Do you LIKE the Holiday Season?

Don’t look now, but Halloween is over and Black Friday is just around the corner.  I personally don’t shop on this day, but many people I know do.  Who wants to wait outside in the freezing weather for hours and hours just to get a good deal?  Not me anyway.  Personally, I’m too busy eating leftovers.  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Something about turkey and pumpkin roll and family that I like!  Nothing beats lying around all day and eating great food while watching football (did Jerome Bettis say Heads?)  Which part of the Holiday Season do you LIKE the most?  Is it the food, family or friends?  Or do you Like the decorating?  Ready or not, Santa is on the way!  Maybe he will bring you a Like Finger! Ho Ho Ho!