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Celebrate 2014 With A Like Button Foam Finger!

Photo Credit: Rachel AnneHappy 2014, everyone!  Are you ready to ring in the new year with your very own Like Button Foam Finger?!?!  If not, get yinz butts over to our site: LikeFinger.com and purchase one for under 9 bucks!  PLUS if yinz use the code SNOW during the month of January, we will throw in FREE SHIPPING on all orders! So stock up on those LikeFingers, T-shirts, and notepads today!  Out with old (2013 and ‘What Does The Fox Say’) and in with the new (2014 and Like Button Foam Hands)! P.S. One month until Groundhog day n’at!!!

Buccos Win! Time For A Giveaway!

Win both of these items!!The Pittsburgh Pirates just secured their 81st win of the 2013 season!  After 20 straight losing seasons, the Pirates have guaranteed themselves they won’t have a 21st consecutive losing year!  To mark this special occasion we have teamed with Pittsburgh artist Christopher Nix to give away a “Bucs” Collage!  His art is amazing and unique (take a look at this zoomed-in image) as he let’s pictures and words tell a story within a story.  The winner will also receive an Original Like Button Foam Finger!

Just use the little tool below to enter as many entries as possible.

To earn an entry, perform the task that is assigned with each “entry value”, then come back and click the “ENTER” button (Make sure to do/fill out any required info before hitting “ENTER”). You can see that there are multiple ways to earn entries into this contest. Some of these entries are earned once, some of the entries can be earned multiple times by coming back each day of the contest to repeat the assigned task.  Some of them require the use of Facebook or Twitter (Don’t have either? That’s just fine, we have a couple other ways to earn entries available using the contest tool below).

Contest ends at 12:01 AM on Friday, September 5th (late Thursday night) and the random computer selected winner will be posted on this page inside the tool you see below and contacted via email.

Best of luck everyone…

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The Summer To Like Your Travels

This is the perfect summer to LIKE your travels.  I don’t just mean, go out and enjoy a little vacation.  No way, I mean go out and LIKE every little piece of your vacation.  Going to the Gettysburg Battlefield to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle?  Then take a short detour to see Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium!  I LOVE –wait for it– LIKE ED’S!  The summer is still young and you still have PLENTY of time to purchase your Original Like Button Foam Hand and take it with you all over the place (Heck, you could even visit the factory where they make the Mallo Cup!  The LikeFinger has now been around a little over a year and every single time I pull one out for a picture, I see someone smile and/or ask me where they can purchase one.  Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement!  Heck, if you spend $10 or more and use the coupon code: FRSH at checkout, I will eliminate all shipping and handling charges!  Happy (and safe) Travels!!!

Baseball Is A Pastime

At Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and Peoples Natural Gas Field in AltoonaBaseball season is in full swing!  From the major leagues to the minor leagues to tee-ball.  Like father, like son… It’s a pastime shared and LIKED by generations.  I’m a huge fan of baseball and hoping, that just maybe this will be the year the Pittsburgh Pirates break the 20-year curse!  I mean, next season will make futility a legal drinking age for the team if they don’t put at least 82 wins on the board this year.  But for now, the smell of popcorn, hot dogs, and baseball will fill the air and make every American think… THIS IS OUR YEAR…   Now that’s an American pastime that I LIKE!

The Valentine’s Day Plan

Like This!!It’s Valentine’s Day!  You could go out and spend $60 on a nice dinner then $30 more at the movies plus popcorn, and soda… Now if you are a new couple, this is probably the best avenue to go, show your more frugal side down the road and call it creativity (works like a charm)!  I will call that option, option A… Option B (my plan for today) is going to cost $18.  Let’s see $18 vs $90… Who doesn’t LIKE the sound of this one?  Make dinner at home!  I purchased two 4oz. lobster tails for $4.99 each at the local grocery store plus a nice slab of tender sirloin steak for at just $7.99/lb (came out to just under $9), and cut it in half for two 8oz portions.  Tonight, Mr. Romantic is going to boil the lobster tails, serve them with butter and cook on the grill the steak (yes, despite the snowy conditions outside here in Pittsburgh), I will add a potato packet (onions, potatoes and some seasoning–items we had at the house already), and some frozen green beans and the beverages of our choice, and voila… Dinner is Served! To follow, and this is my helpful tip of the day, we are going to watch the movie Flight staring Denzel Washington for free, yes FREE!  Here’s how I scored the free rental. Today only, if you use the code SWEET at any Red Box movie rental kiosk you can get a movie rental for absolutely nothing (not even tax)!  I will just add some microwave popcorn and some Valentine’s Day candy to the soiree.  This V-Day plan of action is a definite LIKE!

The LikeFinger is Going Viral on YouTube

Wow, that’s the best way to describe the recent activity we have seen on YouTube!  It seems everyone wants The Original Like Button Foam Finger, aka the LikeFinger!  At my last count their were at least a half-dozen YouTube videos featuring the LikeFinger, probably even more we don’t even know about (We will definitely highlight more of them)!  One of the coolest ones was created by the website YaJagoff.com and features the LikeFinger taking a tour of the city of Pittsburgh.  It’s very creative and well done.  To say the least, yinz will definitely LIKE this video, I personally LIKE it a lot!!

Mayans: Game Over

Mayan End of the WorldDecember 21st, 2012… You know, the date the world ends.  Since the world is going to end, we figured there is no need for any extra LikeFinger inventory, might as well sell as much now, buy some margaritas and enjoy this last week on planet earth.  Soooo, from now through December 21st, anyone that uses the code MAYANS when checking out will receive FREE SHIPPING!  We ship fast (same day in most instances) but if you wait to buy your LikeFinger until December 20th, wellllll don’t claim you didn’t know the world was going to end before your awesome Like Button Foam Finger arrived.

One last note, if the world does end on December 21st… What time zone will it end?  Will it be when it turns the 21st in Tokyo,  Cairo, Paris, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas?  Should I bother to set my TiVo?

LikeFinger Meets Its Roots

Today, Tim (co-creator of the LikeFinger) and I rehashed our college glory years around the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP for the local nomads) campus. We went to HB Culpeppers and took full advantage of $5 draft pitchers, Steelers football and $5 Pittsburgh-style sandwiches.  After “lunch” (is it really fair to call it lunch when it last 3 hours) we took photos along downtown Indiana, PA (Philadelphia Street to be exact) followed by a brief 4 hour stop inside of The Coney for food, brews and more fun. As soon as we walked into The Coney, Tim did his magic and talked our waitress into putting up a Like Button Foam Finger in the middle of the bar.  It’s an amazing center-piece (guys have centerpieces in bars) if I might say so myself!  To sum up our day, we did a minor bar crawl around IUP, worked on things together for LikeFinger.com, drank ate way too much beer food, and watched Tim complain about how little Mike Wallace and Jimmy Graham were used today (fantasy football).


We LIKE Free Admission to Museum Day Live!

Did you know that Saturday, September 29th is Museum Day Live!? Museum Day Live is an annual event in which over 1,000 participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Live Ticket…for FREE.  So how does one get a FREE ticket? You must enter a little information into a very short form on the Smithsonian’s Museum Day website. Your Ticket will be emailed to you after you submit your information. Make sure to print and bring the ticket with you on the 29th to receive your free admission!  To search for a museum you might like to visit for free, use this participating museum tracker for help!  A personal favorite that is participating is the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA! So, go and enjoy a free day at a local museum with the family and don’t forget to bring your Like Button Foam Finger with you for some amazing pictures!

Free Admission to Museum Day Live

I LIKE Intercourse… PA that is!

I had to share this wonderful trip I went on recently to Amish Country (Lancaster, PA).  In one day I made short stops in Intercourse, Bird-In-Hand, and Blue Ball… Don’t laugh… okay, go ahead! hahaha. But seriously, these little towns are real, and are tourist traps to the Nth degree!  From Amish horse-and-buggy rides to Smorgasbord’s as long as a football field, and miles and miles of beautiful Amish farms, it seriously has it all!  If you ever get a chance to visit this area you won’t have any regrets! In short… I LIKE Intercourse… Pennsylvania!

Intercourse, PA and Blue Ball, PA