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Celebrate 2014 With A Like Button Foam Finger!

Photo Credit: Rachel AnneHappy 2014, everyone!  Are you ready to ring in the new year with your very own Like Button Foam Finger?!?!  If not, get yinz butts over to our site: LikeFinger.com and purchase one for under 9 bucks!  PLUS if yinz use the code SNOW during the month of January, we will throw in FREE SHIPPING on all orders! So stock up on those LikeFingers, T-shirts, and notepads today!  Out with old (2013 and ‘What Does The Fox Say’) and in with the new (2014 and Like Button Foam Hands)! P.S. One month until Groundhog day n’at!!!

The Miley Cyrus Foam Finger

Miley Cyrus Foam FingerIn case you are living under a rock, Miley Cyrus made a… (how to word this nicely)… (ahhhhhh, ummmmm, wow)… UNIQUE appearance on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.  Anyone that thinks her performance wasn’t planned out is absolutely crazy.  In 2013, if people are talking about you (good, bad or ugly) then you are still relevant.  How do you overshadow a NSYNC reunion and officially kill your alter-ego [TV personality] Hannah Montana?  Strip down, do a dirty dance and use a un-likeable foam finger!  There it is… How can we NOT mention the foam finger?  Being the home of the Original Like Button Foam Finger, it just seems like an apropos topic.   Basically Miley Cyrus is our new model for what NOT to do with your Like Finger!  If you can remember this one simple line: “What Would Miley Cyrus Do” with her Like Finger? or simply WWMCD?  Then just do the exact opposite (see enclosed picture)!  #WWMCD!

Sales Pitch: Click the link if you would like to purchase a Like Button Foam Finger today for under $10 and we guarantee it will NOT be signed by Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Hannah Montana or Bob Dole!

What I LIKE about the LikeFinger!

On Vacation!The LikeFinger has been around for only a few months and still many of you are finding different and creative things to LIKE in various places across the country, and even the world! Indeed, the LikeFinger vigor is spreading worldwide. It has been used to LIKE favorite vacation spots, historical attractions, weird and unusual things (e.g. 3 pound hamburgers, giant bags of popcorn, even Intercourse, PA), political preferences, Holidays and every kind of sporting event. LikeFinger has even been used to promote many businesses websites and Facebook pages. For example, what’s a great way to showcase your condominiums or townhouses? One customer purchased a LikeFinger for each of her tenants  and had them LIKE something unique about their residence. I never would have thought of this, but it is genius!

I LIKE the creativity a LikeFinger brings. Not only is it durable and easy to use, but the LikeFinger travels just as easily. Whenever I travel I LIKE taking a photos of something fun that I would like to share with my friends and family, I simply get out the LikeFinger, personally LIKE my own photo! I can then instantly upload and share the photo on my smart phone!!

I also like that the LikeFinger tells a story with each photo. We take so many photos of anything and everything each and every week, month, and year. With the LikeFinger, you can remember specific moments and remember “yeah, I do remember that baseball game when I got my picture on the JumboTron with my LikeFinger.” There are so many different things to LIKE in life, why not start LIKE-ing them with the LikeFinger? The Holidays are about to start and there will be many times when my LikeFinger will be used. From Thanksgiving turkey dinners, to College bowl games, to sled riding and snowball fights, to the best Christmas presents, and then of course, New Years! ‘Tis the season to LIKE something and someone! I know that I personally LIKE the fact I have a LikeFinger and I know you will too!

PS. Don’t forget ALL orders come with a free LikeFinger notepad as well! Can you say stocking stuffer?!?!