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Super Bowl Commercial Time = Like

Bud Bowl NFL Super BowlLess than 2 weeks until the big day. That’s right. It’s the Super Bowl. Da Stillers aren’t in it, thanks to a blown call, or lack thereof. Anyway I digress. I’ll watch the big game, because I’m a huge sports nut and more than likely have some sort of betting along with it (thank you Denver and San Diego last week). Another reason I watch are the commercials. I gotta say though, the last several years have been pretty weak. Whatever happened to the Budweiser frogs-they were cool. Doritos and Godaddy have some of the better ones lately. I can’t even remember half of them from last year. The one with the kid dressed up like Darth Vader and the car turning on was decent. The one with the ugly dude kissing the model was disgusting. Whatever happened to the ‘puppy bowl?’ Let’s hope for some good commercials to like! Oh yeah, my prediction: Denver 31 Seattle 21. You heard it here first! Maybe next year we can get a 5 second LikeFinger commercial for a million bucks.