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Super Bowl Commercial Time = Like

Bud Bowl NFL Super BowlLess than 2 weeks until the big day. That’s right. It’s the Super Bowl. Da Stillers aren’t in it, thanks to a blown call, or lack thereof. Anyway I digress. I’ll watch the big game, because I’m a huge sports nut and more than likely have some sort of betting along with it (thank you Denver and San Diego last week). Another reason I watch are the commercials. I gotta say though, the last several years have been pretty weak. Whatever happened to the Budweiser frogs-they were cool. Doritos and Godaddy have some of the better ones lately. I can’t even remember half of them from last year. The one with the kid dressed up like Darth Vader and the car turning on was decent. The one with the ugly dude kissing the model was disgusting. Whatever happened to the ‘puppy bowl?’ Let’s hope for some good commercials to like! Oh yeah, my prediction: Denver 31 Seattle 21. You heard it here first! Maybe next year we can get a 5 second LikeFinger commercial for a million bucks.

Do You LIKE Christmas Decorating?

I’m driving down the street and happen to look at a house. Through the window it appears people are putting up their Christmas tree. Are you serious?  Wow!  Halloween was only a couple weeks ago!  Some people are fanatics when it comes to decorating (E.G. Clark W. Griswold).  That’s a great movie by the way, which will be my next blog – stay tuned. I definitely like looking at the lights and nativity scenes.  It’s part off the Season.  I actually watched 2 Christmas movies in the past 24 hours (you’ll shoot your eye out and the Grinch).  The lights on a house a couple miles down the road is ridiculous.  I look forward to seeing it every year.  Everyone drives past that house !  At my house, we do the outside lights, but nothing crazy.  It’s fun stringing them up over and under the tree branches.  The hard part is taking them down.  We don’t need any fake deer, because at any given moment there will be a few eating the bushes in our front yard.  So, do you LIKE decorating? If so, and you have your LikeFinger handy, please send us a pic!  Tis the season for Like Finger pics!

Do you LIKE the Holiday Season?

Don’t look now, but Halloween is over and Black Friday is just around the corner.  I personally don’t shop on this day, but many people I know do.  Who wants to wait outside in the freezing weather for hours and hours just to get a good deal?  Not me anyway.  Personally, I’m too busy eating leftovers.  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Something about turkey and pumpkin roll and family that I like!  Nothing beats lying around all day and eating great food while watching football (did Jerome Bettis say Heads?)  Which part of the Holiday Season do you LIKE the most?  Is it the food, family or friends?  Or do you Like the decorating?  Ready or not, Santa is on the way!  Maybe he will bring you a Like Finger! Ho Ho Ho!

Do you Like the Little League World Series?

Tim LIKEs the Little League World SeriesIt’s just about back-to-school time and that can mean many things. To me, 2 things come to mind quickly – NFL is back and the Little League World Series is upon us. Being 75 miles from Williamsport, I’ve been to the LL World Series more times than I can count. It’s one of those places every baseball fan should go to at least once (just like Cooperstown and Yankee Stadium or Wrigley or Fenway).  Little League is the world’s largest youth organization with over 2 million kids across the globe playing it. It continues to grow every year. I remember when there were just 8 teams vying for the title, now there are 16. It is amazing to see and talk to so many different people from around the world. One of the biggest activities during the Series is pin trading. I started trading pins 20 years ago and still do so. It’s a fun hobby that hundreds of people do every year at the ‘pin tent.’ The players play their game, then immediately head down to trade pins. Nobody cares much about winning or losing. The players interact with one another and have a good time. I’ve seen many players play in the Series and go on to play in the Major Leagues (Sean Burroghs from Long Beach and Todd Frazier from Toms River just to name a couple). I remember Burroghs hitting a home run that I’m pretty sure still hasn’t landed yet. Little League is a big thing in my town as well. We had our 13 year old JR Little League team make it to the World Series in Michigan back in 2002. It was very exciting to watch them play teams from across the country and world. The LikeFinger will be at Williamsport this year. And maybe it will be on tv! Stay tuned!

Do you LIKE to Barbecue?

It’s just about that time of year for those of us up north. The smell of burgers and hotdogs fills the air everywhere you drive. That’s right – BBQ season is almost here! There is nothing like the smell of food being grilled. I absolutely love to grill, and I’ll grill a variety of foods. There is something about grilling that just makes food taste better. Especially over a charcoal grill while tailgating. Besides the traditional foods that people grill (i.e. steaks, burgers, hotdogs, chicken) I enjoy grilling many other foods whenever time allows. My specialty, by far, are chicken wings. Granted, they take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the wings, but man are they awesome. I enjoy wings much more when they are grilled. Then of course there is the secret sauce that goes on them afterwards. I also LIKE to grill fish. It can be any kind of fish. From catfish to mahi to salmon. All taste outstanding on the grill. Vegetables are another good choice to grill. I tend to do zucchini and squash. And if you never tried it, put a small pizza on the grill. It takes a little practice, but it is worth it. Here’s looking forward to a great BBQ season! What do you LIKE to barbecue?

Do you LIKE watching sports on TV or in Person?

Second weekend of April means one thing for avid golf lovers – A Tradition Unlike Any Other – The MASTERS. My family has been watching golf on Sundays longer than I can remember. Every Sunday we gather at my Grandparents’ house and every Sunday I walk through the door and golf is on the TV. It’s like clock-work. Pretty much year round from January to November. I enjoy watching golf on TV, but I LIKE playing it a whole lot more. I know a ton of golfers’ names, definitely more so than NASCAR. It’s fun to watch the Major tournaments, but if it were up to me I’d much rather watch baseball or hockey this time of year. I can watch baseball, any game, on any given day. I just love the game (how the heck could Barry Bonds not throw out Sid Bream who had one good knee?) Watching baseball live is even better than TV. I enjoy the stadiums and watching who is getting loose in the pen and how the position players move according to who is up. Aside from baseball, hockey is by far a great sport to watch live in person. Just being part of a sold out crowd all cheering for the same team and hearing the siren go off when there is a goal is awesome. I’ll watch the Pens on tv, but being there is so much better. I’m not a huge NASCAR fan, but I find it hard to watch cars go around a track on TV. But, I have been to a few races and being ther in person is a hundred times better. I think it’s because of the atmosphere and loud noise. Basketball is another sport that I’d rather be there in person to watch. I couldn’t care less about the NBA regular season anyway, but I do watch the playoffs on TV. I can’t comment on soccer because I have never been to a soccer match – not even a high school one. I suppose it would be awesome to be at Azteca in Mexico City though. Finally, of course, there is football – college and NFL. Both, which are fantastic in person and on TV – especially on high definition. I like going to Beaver Stadium with over 100,000 fans. I also like going to Heinz field and seeing all of the Terrible Towels being waived. If I had to choose though, I’d prefer to watch it on a big screen – especially when it’s 0 degrees out. What do you LIKE to watch in person over the TV?

Do you LIKE the Olympics?

2014 Winter Olympics LogoLess than a year from now, the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia. I am definitely a fan of the Olympics – summer and winter. I’m not a fan of the time difference and watching everything taped as opposed to live. I think the winter games are a lot more entertaining than the summer. Maybe its the bobsledding, or the luge, or skiing. Don’t get me wrong, I did LIKE watching Phelps go insane and win gold after gold in 2008 and again in 2012, but it seems like the winter Olympics are a lot more action packed (e.g. The Miracle on Ice). Maybe it was the movie “Cool Runnings” with John Candy that got me into watching the winter games. Whatever the reason, I’m looking forward to them a year from now. What I’m not looking forward to are the summer games in 2020 in Argentina if there isn’t wrestling. That was the one event during the summer games I looked forward to watching. It’s not the WWE, which I also like, it is simply the best Olympic individual event ever in the history of the games. After hearing the news a couple weeks ago that wrestling will need to be petitioned to the IOC in the fall, I thought “Who is making that bonehead decision?” Wrestling dates back hundreds and hundreds of years. I will always remember the 2000 summer games when Rulon Gardner defeated the Russian, who many said can never be defeated, Aleksandr Karelin in the Greco-Roman super heavyweight gold medal match. The Russian won three consecutive gold medals and seven world championships without giving up a single point! And yet, a guy from Wyoming who never won a collegiate title beat him. That’s wrestling! That’s an underdog story! Who doesn’t LIKE that?

What Television Shows Do You LIKE?

With winter not even halfway through, I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone watches on TV. Let’s face it, there isn’t a lot to do during January and February. That’s why all the major networks put on their new shows with new seasons. I have several that I watch regularly. In no particular order, here is my list of the shows that I LIKE: WWE Raw and Smackdown, The Apprentice, Survivor, House, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, The Middle, The Office, Sports Center and Shark Tank. After that list, there are a few others that I will watch from time to time like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or any fishing show. I know a lot of people watch Storage Wars (Dave‘s favorite), Amish Mafia, American Pickers and Hardcore Pawn. If nothing else is on I’ll watch those. Then, of course, there are the old school show re-runs. So if Fresh Prince is on, I’ll switch to it if nothing else is on. I wouldn’t say I watch a ton of TV, but during the winter I definitely watch more than usual. Some of the ones I named above I have been watching for years. Who is Ted going to marry anyway on How I met your Mother? What TV shows do you LIKE?

Do you LIKE Groundhog Day?

Do you LIKE Groundhog Day?Groundhog Day is February 2nd. That date is also co-founder Dave’s birthday. Happy birthday Dave you old geezer (actually, I’m older than he is by a few months). Thousands and thousands of people will gather at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to hear from a rodent whether or not there will be 6 more weeks of winter, or, if Spring is right around the corner. And yes, I HAVE BEEN THERE! Back in 1998 I visited this place. After all, it’s only 30 minutes from where I lived. It is remarkable to see and speak to people from all over the world gathered in this small town, about 1.5 hrs northeast of Pittsburgh, just to spend 10 or more hours outside in 0 degree weather to see a groundhog make his prediction based on German folklore. It’s crazy! But I LIKED it then and, well, kinda like it now. I still pay attention to it. But it was cooler back then because we didn’t have school that day. Or, if we did, we didn’t go. News trucks from around the country line-up to catch a glimpse of the “Inner Circle” and “Punxy Phil.” But, hey, what else is there to do in the middle of winter? Be sure to look for some LIKEFINGER‘s on television. They will be there! What do you think Phil’s prediction will be? Do you LIKE Spring, or do you LIKE Winter?

What Kinds of Wings do You LIKE?

LIKE Button WingsI’m on a mission to find the best wings in the country. Wings are my favorite food (well, second favorite behind Maryland Blue Crabs, but I already know where to find those). So many places in so many cities serve wings, and I want you to tell me which places you LIKE the most. College towns, for example, are notorious for having great wing restaurants. I’ve had wings in many places, and here is my list of favorites:
1. Quaker Steak & Lube – PNC Park – Louisiana Lickers
2. Fox’s Pizza Den – DuBois, PA – Mild
3. Buffalo Wild Wings – Spicy Garlic
4. The Stadium – Hagerstown Maryland – Ranch
5. SunDogs – Outerbanks, NC – Hot
Also note that my co-founder, Dave, isn’t nearly as big a fan of wings as I am, but his favorite place for wings is Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Monroeville, PA – a sweet grilled onion flavor.
If you LIKE wings, send me some places I can put on my list to try out someday. I’ll tweet you back once I give a review.