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The Summer To Like Your Travels

This is the perfect summer to LIKE your travels.  I don’t just mean, go out and enjoy a little vacation.  No way, I mean go out and LIKE every little piece of your vacation.  Going to the Gettysburg Battlefield to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle?  Then take a short detour to see Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium!  I LOVE –wait for it– LIKE ED’S!  The summer is still young and you still have PLENTY of time to purchase your Original Like Button Foam Hand and take it with you all over the place (Heck, you could even visit the factory where they make the Mallo Cup!  The LikeFinger has now been around a little over a year and every single time I pull one out for a picture, I see someone smile and/or ask me where they can purchase one.  Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement!  Heck, if you spend $10 or more and use the coupon code: FRSH at checkout, I will eliminate all shipping and handling charges!  Happy (and safe) Travels!!!

How Many States Will LikeFinger Visit This Summer?

Where will the LikeFinger travel to in the USA?

Where will the LikeFinger travel to in the USA?

With summer just around the corner, vacations will be happening and millions of pictures and videos will be taken. So…… what better way to do this than with a LIKEFINGER? In addition, you can then email us your pics and get entered into our upcoming contest (more details on the way). In its very brief history, the LikeFinger has been to some great locations such as PNC Park (Pittsburgh, PA) and the Liberty Bell (Philadelphia, PA) for example. We want the LikeFinger to travel the country and go to every state! I was told today that LikeFinger is traveling to Disney World in 3 weeks! Stay tuned for those pics! So, no matter how far you may travel this summer, be sure to take a LikeFinger and “like” your photo or video. We have had some great pics so far, keep them coming. How many states will LikeFinger make it to this summer? Come back in 3 months and we’ll have the final tally! Have a great summer and get out there and Like it!